Market exploration tour

The -50 degree tuna freezer & the live fish aquarium!

We will guide you through the market, which is the base for the distribution of fresh seafood that supports Japanese food culture.
On this tour, we will carefully explain and guide you through the unique facilities of the market, such as the -50 degree tuna freezer that is usually not accessible, and the live fish aquarium where we stock live fish with a focus on freshness.


Tasting samples of them is also available!

This is a good opportunity to understand the distribution system unique to Japan. In addition, when you visit the 55 intermediate wholesalers, you can see a variety of mouth-watering seafood right in front of your eyes, and tasting samples of them is also available. If you find an ingredient you like, we will guide you to the hotel or restaurant where it will be prepared and served, allowing you to enjoy the food to your heart’s content.



You can choose from two courses.

[A Course]Market exploration tour
  10,000 yen per person

[B Course]Market exploration tour+Dinner at a restaurant with seafood purchased at our market
 Choose from 34,000 yen per person 


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